I believe that working at something that brings meaning and recognition, enjoying the trajectory traced to achieve any goal is the most important part of any challenge. Only if we have passion in what we’re doing to achieve our goals( whether professional or personal ), is possible to orchestrate tasks with getting in a “flow state” that neither we realize the effort expended , and success will be something natural in response. To do so, we must balance our lives between leisure time with friends , family, work and ourselves. This is the biggest challenge, and the reward is satisfaction, happiness and a enjoyable and fulfilled life


  • I’m Married, 13 years living in Rio de Janeiro, working more than 15 years with Information Technology directly focused on web.
  • Responsible for evaluating cloud computing related technologies(XaaS) for the best consumption of them by our Open Source Platform as a Service(PaaS) in development at Globo.com – Tsuru, as the evolution of this too. I work in a High Performance Team following a Lean Startup Model, being responsible for management and prioritization of the best business value demands in agreement with the stakeholders and facilitate the introduction of new flows, many times viewed as disruptive to other departments. As an Infrastructure Specialist I contribute with the vision of Support, Stability, Performance and High Availability of this Platform. I am also in direct contact with the IT Directors here.
  • I have resilience as one of my main features for having gone through several situations of high stress, x disaster recovery, high expectations x short deadline, keeping the focus needed to act in these situations
  • Solid experience in a wide range of technologies, as with the intrinsic characteristic of being self-taught.
  • Main hobbies: knowledge of different cultures, movies, national and international travel, discussing technology and social questions, and the most important – having a good beer with friends


Don’t ignore your dreams;
Don’t work too much – drink a lot!
Say what you think;
Cultivate friendships;
Be happy!

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